grids - type into?

grids - type into?

Post by Geoff Thoma » Sun, 19 Oct 1997 04:00:00

I am using VB version 3.  Is it possible to type text into a grid cell?
(rather than placing the contents of a string into a cell).


1. grid type component that allows group headers/footers

Does anyone know of a "grid" type component that will allow stacked groups?
Can be read-only. So far non-modal print previews are not good enough .. I'm
looking for a component.

ex:   Customer XYZ
        Invoice 12345  $100.00  ......
        Invoice 13212  $250.00  ......
        Totals         $350.00 ....

      Customer ABC
        Invoice 23451  $ 50.00  ......
        Invoice 23212  $200.00  ......
        Totals         $250.00 ....



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