Grid text won't print! Help

Grid text won't print! Help

Post by Freda Chatma » Wed, 23 Jul 1997 04:00:00

I am using two MS Grid controls on an MDI child form.  I create an control
array of grids with Grid1(x) and Grid2(x).  

I try to use the MDIform.ActiveForm.PrintForm. My Grid1 text and gridlines
print fine.  But my Grid2 text does not print at all. Yet,the gridlines do
print.  By the way both grids are visible and use the same font

I am trying to print everything on my child form without making user do an


1. table grid, record dividier won't print on HP 6: (PDOX8)

I have a table frame in a report. The properties for the table frame include
a grid, and the record divider property is also turned on. Everything shows
up fine onscreen, and the report prints as expected using a Lexmark inkjet
printer. However, the grid and record divider will not print on an HP 6L
printer. The table prints as it should, but there is simply no grid.
    I am running Win 98, and the printer driver is the one that comes with
the Win98 upgrade; it's the most recent one available, I think. System has
only 150 fonts on it, so that's not the problem. I _could_ try running
another driver for this report (e.g., Laserjet II or III); if your
suggestion is to try that option, can you tell me what OPAL code is needed
(in the pushbutton that prints the report) to use a different driver for
only that report?


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