Deleted records when text file is linked as table (#deleted)

Deleted records when text file is linked as table (#deleted)

Post by Daniel McGivne » Thu, 20 Aug 1998 04:00:00

I am trying to attach a text file to an existing access database using the
link method.  I am finding all records with quotes (") in them show up as
deleted when the link is created.  I would like to define the text qualifier
as {none}.  I have search but find no examples of how to do this.
    Below is the schema.ini file and a sample of the code with a record set
    Any help in resolving this would be appreciated.  I have tried to escape
and double the quotes but nothing seems to stop the deleting.

Dan McGivney
Knapp Enterprises


connect example
Public Sub Add_Table(Tname, FName)

    ' Check to see if table exist
        For Each td In dbsJet.TableDefs
             If td.Name = Tname Then
                dbsJet.TableDefs.Delete Tname
             End If
    ' ad table
    Set td = dbsJet.CreateTableDef _
     td.Connect = _
      td.SourceTableName = FName
    dbsJet.TableDefs.Append td
End Sub

Record set
show_idTitle     Show_Type     Genre1     Year     Actor     Dur
GGLA06     Golfing the Great Lakes     Sport     Golf               30
#Deleted     #Deleted     #Deleted     #Deleted     #Deleted     #Deleted
GHSI01     Gung Ho! Succeeding In A Changing World     Special     Business


1. instead of delete trigger delete data from table using execute and temporary table for deleted


SQL Server 2k has got me confused...below the instead of trigger that
causes all my problems...below the trigger the explanation of my

create trigger [triggerConcurrenten] on [dbo].[concurrenten]
instead of delete
        -- ***** Declare local vars

        begin transaction

        -- ***** Initialize

        select deleted.* into #deleted from deleted

        Delete data from concurrenten table using the below sql
        works perfectly.
        from concurrenten
        where exists(
        select * from #deleted d
        where concurrenten.[id] = d.[id])

        /* Delete using the execute function fails! */

                raiserror('[triggerConcurrenten]: Error occured!', 16, 1)
                rollback transaction

        commit transaction      


In the trigger I've tried a 'direct' sql statement to delete data from
the concurrenten table. No problem at all...but when I use the execute
function the exact same delete statement fails...what am I doing

Thanx in advance for the answer!

Best regards,


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