Post by alla patt » Wed, 28 Feb 1996 04:00:00

Hello out there

  I thought this heading might get someones attention.  I don't
 have freeware but I am looking for it.I have visul basic 3.0 standard.
 I know I should upgrade but thats another story.  Can anybody tell me
 where or from who I can get "freeware" data-aware VBX add-ons like
 a grid, combo or list box that will work with my substandard.....
 I mean, standard edition of VB. Thanks very much and I hope I
 didn't get anybodies hopes up with my heading.

Thanks again



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Extension: DateDiff("h",ColumnText(4),ColumnText(3))
Statement doesn't give any sensible answear.

Format of ColumnText fields are "hh:mm"
Database is Access 2.0 and fieldtypes in there are Date/Time (ShortTime).

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