DAO Error Trapping & Most Common Errors

DAO Error Trapping & Most Common Errors

Post by Tom McIntir » Fri, 04 Apr 1997 04:00:00

Does anyone have a list of, say, the 10-20 most common trappable errors
encountered when working with DAO objects?  I'd like to create an error
handler for a professional-level product and would like some input from
those of you who use an extensive error handler.


1. Error Trapping - Can you trap a DTS Package error using SQLDMO running a job

I'm running a DTS pacakge by scheduling it through a job
in SQL DMO (I am doing it through DMO vs. DTS Object in
order to run the package on the server from a client pc).
I am having trouble finding info on how to retreive the
error messages if any of the packages fail.  I know I can
make an error log and look at that text file but for the
application purposes it would be a lot better to pull it
in through DMO, any suggestions on how to find the error
message?  I've looked a little into the Alert object but
don't fully understand how that might or might not help
me.  Thanks in advance,

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