delphi and fulcrum

delphi and fulcrum

Post by Aldo » Sat, 12 Jul 2003 23:17:45

has anybody written some framework for interfacing with the Fulcrum
SearchServer/Builder DLLs??
I need this for modifying an app for a friend.
Basically I need to do read-only queries.

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1. Late answer to Fulcrum, apology

Open Letter to Eric Goodwin, Vice President Fulcrum Technologies Inc.

Back in March I posted a message, asking for a specific fulltext database
Product. Somewhere I stated " ... yes, I've seen Fulcrum ...".
FULCRUM read the message, and sent a FAX to me, complaining about the
offending sound of the text.

Now, after digging the (lost) FAX out of the vaults of my desk, I think I
should explain what I've meant.
I did not want to offend FULCRUM in any way. I just wanted to prevent
lots of Messages giving me a pointer to FULCRUM, a product I already know,
while I was searching for another specific database system.
Not because I disklike FULCRUM, just because my boss asked me to do so.
Not as a result of any evaluation, decision or whatever, just because he was
asked by a customer himself, whom we wanted to help.

I had been in contact with FULCRUM and found the company to be very
cooperative. Also the question about a connection to STAIRS was answered,
nevertheless we continue to search for hints 'cause things
get really complex in this area and we need another attachment to the host
than that we've found through the kind help of FULCRUM. But that is our
very own problem and, as far as FULCRUM is concerned, we got all the
information we could get (thanks also to Emanuel Data Systems).

So, please accept my apologies. The message surely could easy be misunderstood,
mainly due to my bad english style. I'm just a poor manual reader, with
drastic shortcomings in *HUMAN* interaction in english (computers are much
easier to talk to) :-) It should in no way offend FULCRUM, a friendly
company having a good product.
Also, please pardon this late answer. Sometimes the paper on my desk gets
a little confused ...

Yours sincerely,
Johann Schweigl
This does not reflect the   | Johann  Schweigl | DOS?

I am busy enough by talking |                  | bootstrap loader ...
about my own ...            |   EDVG  Vienna   |

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