OLE DB w/ Jet 4.0 Simple app crashes when table contains data.

OLE DB w/ Jet 4.0 Simple app crashes when table contains data.

Post by S. Garla » Thu, 18 Oct 2001 05:08:38


I am trying to use Visual C++ 6 and OLE DB to simply insert data into
a single MS Access 2000 table.  I am essentially following a tutorial
application from "Visual C++ 6 Database Programming Tutorial," Wendy
Sarrett, Wrox Press Ltd., 1998.

The application will repeatedly and correctly insert data into an
empty table, and will allow record navigation, however, if I close the
application and then try to re-start it when the table is not empty at
startup, the app crashes immediately, never displaying a window.  This
only happens if the table is not empty at startup.

Has anyone seen this type of error and might have a suggestion about
where I might want to look for the source of the problem?  Please
email me at:

Thank you!



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