Willing to write a free Java Application for a company for a SQL Server DB

Willing to write a free Java Application for a company for a SQL Server DB

Post by Terr » Thu, 13 Dec 2001 01:54:54

We are a development team that does dynamic meta development.

Our software works as follows:  enter your DATA MODEL in our tables,
the program reads the meta data makes and makes a full application,
with all features.  This took 2 years to develop.

I am looking to test our new software, and offering to do a few FREE

-- Applications will be in pure Java 1.3.1

-- Client-server applications -- NOT web based.
  Web based available 2nd Qtr 2002.

-- Only work on MS SQL Server for the moment.
  Other SQL databases are in the near future!
  (ok  as soon as i test, since we follow SQL-92)

Free Software Limitations:

-- No more than 20 database tables per application.

-- No more than 3 special reports; Basic Ad-hoc reporting is built-in.

-- No excessive business rules (as determined by us).

We are testing the new record locking, which has Record Locks that
Expire in 24 hours, and Self Healing record locking which let users
log back into a record lock that was orphaned, and retain the lock,
which allows a graceful exit which unlocks the record.

I can only do so many, so take a look at the look and feel of each
application, and if you want to get on the list, contact us.  Please
mention this posting and that you are a BETA TESTOR.  *we have no bugs
on our bug list*

dynamicMeta llc


Willing to write a free Java Application for a company for a SQL Server DB

Post by James McGover » Fri, 14 Dec 2001 11:00:49

If you are willing to send me an uncripled copy, I will review it and
publish the findings in Java Developers Journal.


1. I am looking to write a company a FREE database application


   I am from www.dynamicmeta.com
   We are testing out our new release, 2.2.

   I am offering, for FREE, to make you an application
   from your data model.   Yes you heard it right.

   It is a CLIENT-SERVER application.

   Limited number, first come first serve.
   We are NOT willing to make an application over
   20 tables or FULL of reports.  The system you get
   does have limited ad-hoc reporting.

   We do have some database design rules that have to be
   followed, which should be no problem for you.

   The application you get have all FUNCTIONALITY,
   possible in a system.  This includes searches, screens,
   and maintenance.

   Please look over the web site, to see all the options.

   Contact Terry Fellows at the Project Office, if you are

   What you will get back is the database in SQL Server 7,
   and the Code.  The Code is in Java 1.3.1.  

   And frankly, sometimes Java can be very slow.  We have
   eliminated the majority of the slow stuff, and have
   no slowness on a 300 mhtz machine.

   Further, you will be able to Modify the system, like
   add fields, tables, add to edit screens, and searches,
   all without ONE LINE OF PROGRAMMING or any programming.

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