Error Trapping: MS Access errors not trapped in VB code

Error Trapping: MS Access errors not trapped in VB code

Post by slsto.. » Thu, 08 Jan 1998 04:00:00

I have an error trap in my VB 5.0 code that doesn't work when an error
is coming from and MS Access db.  These are errors that occur when
there is a primary key violation or a referential integrity violation.
I have done similar error trapping in the past and it worked fine.
The only difference in code is that I was using a data control in the
code that worked and now I'm working directly with the recordsets.  

The following is the code sample.  The error occus on rsPallet.Update:

        On Error GoTo ErrHandler

        rsPallet![StockNum] = txtPaperType.Text
        rsPallet![LoadTicket] = txtLoadNum.Text
        rsPallet![LinYds] = txtTotYards.Text
        rsPallet![DateRec] = txtTruckDate.Text
        rsPallet![RollCount] = txtNumRolls.Text
        rsPallet![UserId] = gUserID

Quote:>>>        rsPallet.Update

    Dim errorNumber
    errorNumber = Err.Number
    Select Case errorNumber
    Case 3022   'primary key violation - load number is not unique for
the truck date given
        message = "Load number " & txtLoadNum.Text & " has been used
on " & txtTruckDate.Text _
                    & ".  Would you like me to assign a unique load
        answer = MsgBox(message, vbYesNo, "Primary Key Violation")
        If answer = vbNo Then
            txtStockNum.SelStart = 0
            txtStockNum.SelLength = Len(txtStockNum.Text)
            loadNumber = rsLoadNum![UniqueNum]
            txtStockNum.Text = loadNumber
            rsLoadNum![UniqueNum] = (loadNumber + 1)
        End If
    Case 3201   'invalid paper type, number given doesn't exit in
Paper table
        message = "The stock number " & txtStockNum.Text & " does not
exist." & _
                    "  Please enter a valid stock number."
        MsgBox message, vbExclamation, "Invalid Stock Number"
    Case Else
        message = "The following error has occured:  " & Err.Number &
", " & Err.Description

    End Select

Has anyone else encounter this problem or know the solution?


Sharon Stokesbary


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