SQLBase Database

SQLBase Database

Post by Luis M. Mendoz » Sat, 16 Jun 2001 16:20:57

Where can I get a ODBC driver to work with a SQLBase database in Visual C++

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1. How to connect CENTURA SQLBASE database with VB 6.0 PE

How  can  I  connect a CENTURA  SQLBASE database with VB
6.0 PE?

I  got  the database  drivers,  but   the  SQLBASE  SERVER
7.5.1  does  not  let  me   connect  the  database  from  
Visual  Basic  6.0  Professional  Edition.  According  to  
the   technical  support  department  of  CENTURA,  by
the  ODBC  protocol  is  possible  to  connect  a  CENTURA
SQLBASE  database with  VB  6.0.  Please   help me  by
sending   information  about  it.

Juan  Antonio  Araya  Osorio
MIS  Department

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