Unexpected error after or during VB setup

Unexpected error after or during VB setup

Post by David Freit » Thu, 09 Jan 1997 04:00:00

I have encountered 'unexpected error, quiting' after attempting a VB
setup kit generated install. This error randomly affects Windows 95
and NT systems. Some systems are not affected by the very same
install. Strangely enough, this error is corrected after I install
Visuall C++. On a number of systems, this corrected the problem.
Something seems to be getting messed up in the registry.

Any insights would be greatly appreciated.



1. Error During VB 5.0 setup while registering MSRDC20.OCX


We have this submitted also as an incident to Microsoft, but was wondering
if anyone else had run into this.

When either manually registering all ocx's or even using VB 5.0's setup
utility, we are having a problem registering
the RDO 2.0 control (ocx).  In both cases the setup program or manual
registering the MSRDC20.OCX will not register
on the clients machine.

This is our first attempt a deploying a VB5.0 and SQL server 6.5
application.  Any help would be appreciated.


Randy Pickle

(316) 523-2737

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