Interbase Client/Server 'Remote Access'

Interbase Client/Server 'Remote Access'

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Hi!, I am working with Delphi 4.0 professional edition and need to built a
client server application using Interbase. The Interbase which I have
installed needs to have 'Remote Access' License (according to the QAs on the
Interbase site) which I guess my edition doesn't carry.

How do I get the license? The Interbase sites doesn't seem to tell much
about licenses and where to get/purchase them. Has anyone come across such a
problem? My Interbase License Registration says that I have Local Interbase
activation License!, would want a client/server(remote access) license.



1. What's status of ISO's RDA (remote database access)

Hi Folks,

Can someone please tell me what the status is for
ISO's work on Remote Database Access?  Last I heard,
it was still in draft proposal.  Any dates on when
it might become an International Standard (IS)?
Also, has ISO assigned permanent identifiers for the
RDA documents yet?

By the way, has CCITT enveloped this work?  If so,
what's the CCITT identifiers for their equivalent

Appreciate any info!


David Richard
Ericsson Network Systems, MS L03  | Phone: 214-997-0923

Richardson, TX 75083-3875         | Who's Joe Frank?

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