SQL Server connection VB6 Data Environment

SQL Server connection VB6 Data Environment

Post by Chris Galwe » Fri, 20 Jul 2001 15:03:04


When I connect via ADO to a SQL database through code and I type an
incorrect user ID, I get a trappable error so I can tell the user
his/her ID is wrong and try again.  This is good!

However, if I connect through a VB6 data environment connection with an
incorrect ID, instead of getting an error, I get an SQL Server login
dialog.  I would prefer my app to handle an incorrect user ID so it can
tell the user to try again, rather than get a less user-friendly SQL
Server dialog.  There does not seem to be any error generated when the
connection with the incorrect user ID is attempted - SQL Server just
helpfully(!) throws this dialog up.

Can someone tell me how to stop this dialog appearing when using a data
environment.  (Or should I not bother with data environments!)




1. Can't view SQL Server 2000 tables in VB6 Data Environment

I hope that someone may shed some light on why I am having difficulties.

Under Visual Basic 6 Enterprise, I opened Visual Basic project and created a
standard EXE project.  I added a Data Environment.  I chose "Microsoft OLE
DB Provider for SQL Server" as my provider.  I selected the Northwind
database.  I verified the connection via "Test Connection".

I used Data View to verify that the database was there and it was.  The
tables folder was there, however, there were tables to expand.  I tried the
same thing with another SQL Database and had the same results.

I repeated the above steps, except this time I chose "Microsoft Jet 4.0 OLE
DB Provider" instead for an Access database.  I was able to view the tables.

I could also view the SQL Server 2000 tables via SQL Server Enterprise
Manager, so I know that the SQL Server database and tables exist.

My question is why can't I see the SQL Server 2000 tables using "Microsoft
OLE DB Provider for SQL Server" as my provider?  And what can I do to make
it work?

Could this be a configuration problem?  I was able to view the SQL Server
2000 databases and tables with the "Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL
 Server" working on another system that was running under Windows NT 4.0 SP
6 but DID NOT have Commerce Server 2000 installed.

This is the configuration for my "problem" machine:

Windows 2000 Server SP 1
 IIS 5.0
Windows 2000 Hot fixes
Visual InterDev 6 Enterprise SP 5
Visual Basic 6
     Add-In Manager
          Component Services Add-In for VB 5.0/6.0
          VB 6 Data Object Wizard
          Visual Component Manager 6.0
          Visual Basic for Applications
          Visual Basic runtime objects and procedures
          Visual Basic objects and procedures
          OLE Automation
          Microsoft Data Environment Instance 1.0 (SP4)
          Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects 2.5 Library

SQL Server 2000 - Standard Edition
         Mixed Mode Authentication
        MDAC 2.6
Commerce Server 2000
IE 5.5

For those who are willing to respond to my post via the newsgroup, I would
appreciate it greatly if you could e-mail me as well :>).

Best regards,

Just erase the GETRIDOF in my e-mail address to reach me.

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