simple newbie question - writing a connection string

simple newbie question - writing a connection string

Post by Warwick Baile » Tue, 23 Jan 2001 04:01:10


I am working with jdbc for the first time and am just trying to get a simple
connection to a MS Access database.

Everything works fine if I set up a System DSN in Win NT4.0 ODBC
DataSources - no problem

But what if I do not want to uses a System DSN? - I want to generate the
connection string dynamically so that my application runs on any client, not
just on a system where the DSN is set up. I am used to doing this with MS
Active Server Pages - is something similar possible with JDBC?

Warwick Bailey


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Days old in VB, and calling access to a database through DAO which I use Set
db = ws.OpenDatabase(App.Path & "\proshop.mdb") instead of a static path
like c:\database\proshop.mdb. Works fine. Now while trying to use ADO I am
having a problem getting the connection string to work for dynamic paths. I
really would appreciate any help that anyone could give. This is what I
currently have Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.3.51;Persist Security
Info=False;Data Source=C:\Proshop.mdb  but want to give it a dynamic path
like App.Path & "\proshop.mdb" but don't know how to make the connection
string read. Thanks!! Very much!!


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