Help: Running SQL query on Data Environment

Help: Running SQL query on Data Environment

Post by Dean Malandr » Thu, 11 Feb 1999 04:00:00

I have created a connection in the data environment and an SQL query
in the same dataenvironment window,  called qrySQLthing with the
following syntax:

Select * from tblThingy where Name = '`datacombo1.Text`'

where datacombo1 is a combo box that holds the name parameter from the
form. Using 'verify syntax' in the SQL builder gives the OK.

What I want to do is run this query and populate a recordset for
further processing.

Thus elsewhere in the code I have:

Dim Details as Recordset
Set Details =  DataEnvironment1.qrySQLthing(datacombo1.Text)

But when I do a compilation I get the error message "Compile error:
wrong number of arguments or invalide property assignment" with the
highlight being over the ".qrySQLthing" of the above line of code.

Can anyone tell me what I've stuffed up?