Compiled app only works on vb5 machine

Compiled app only works on vb5 machine

Post by Jeff Scot » Sat, 04 Mar 2000 04:00:00

I have a VB5 app that uses a data control to read
a foxpro table. App works fine in VB5 environment.
After compiling, the compiled app works on any
machine where VB5 is installed. On every other machine
I am getting a runtime error,
(Data Error event err: Application-defined or Object-defined error.)

Can anyone tell me what the other machines need.

Thanks, Jeff scott


1. App runs in Vb5 IDE but not compiled runtime

I have an application that runs in the IDE of VB5 Enterprise but when I
compile it and run it as a standalone exe,  it fails with an error 5
(Invalid Procedure Call).  I am manipulating data in Access 7.0 with linked
Oracle 7.3 tables.

I can't seem to track down the problem code.  If anyone has had similar
experiences could you please tell me how you solved it.

Thank you.


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