Problem Using MSMAPI32.OCX

Problem Using MSMAPI32.OCX

Post by Samir Dosh » Thu, 09 Jan 1997 04:00:00

Hi guys,

I am using the MAPI session and MAPI Message controls to send a mail thr VB
I initialize  the mapi session with  username and password. Now when I try
use the 'signon' method, the app gets hung. I tried this in VB 4 32 bit
debug mode on WIN 95
and had to reboot. Running this app over WIN NT 4.0 gives me
'WNetEnumCachePasswords' not found
in mpr.dll.

This app was in VB 3.0 before and the above thing was working fine with

Any clues ?

Thanks in advance.

Samir Doshi.


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I placed the MSMAPI32.OCX file in the folder containing the application
I wanted to distribute.  I checked the two MAPI activex components in
the setup wizard and chose the MSMAPI32.OCX as being an activex file
needing to be registered in the next to last step of the setup wizard.
When I then install the program I created on another machine and try to
use my e-mail form I get an error 0 in locating MAPI.DLL.  The DLL file
does exist on the other machine after the install, and I did reboot
after install.  I even manually registered the MSMAPI.OCX file.  I get
the same eror message.  OF course it works fine on any machine that has
VFP installed on it.

I seem to be missing something in my executable, I don't know what.
DOes anyone have a complete example of a MAPI enabled form, or have any
idea what I may be doing wrong?

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