How To: Inform users a task has completed on the server

How To: Inform users a task has completed on the server

Post by George Arnett-Hutt » Sun, 11 Nov 2001 00:27:25

Folks, it's me once again with the app from Hades I inherited.

VB6, SQLAnywhere, ADO 2.5 with disconnected recordsets and a global
connection.  It has a home-grown replication system that bogs down the
system when replication is in progress.  I can't do anything about it, since
their system provides a lot of history they need to keep and the
SQLAnywhere's replication ain't too hot.

What I have to do is inform the various users connected to the database when
a synchronization is in progress so they won't panic when the app starts
running a little more slowly.  Then, once the synchronization is complete, I
need to inform the users to refresh their data.  I had thought I'd keep a
synch status table that the app polled every few minutes, but that seems
kludgy and rather inelegant.  So I was wondering if there were a way to
raise an event on the server that would "come back" down on the connection,
or some better method.

Additionally, I can't pop-up message boxes as it would interfere with the
work the users are performing.  But I can change the appearance of a button
in a toolbar and put messages in the status bar, so that doesn't worry me.
But again, if you've got any better suggestions, I'd be glad to hear them.




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I am running SQL Server 7.0 SP4, running on an NT Server
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Connection failed:
SQL State: '28000'
SQL Server Error:  18452
[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Login
failed for user '[null]'
Reason:  Not associated with an associated SQL Server

Administrators can access the server using Access with no
problem, but regular users cannot.  I have the security on
the server to allow users to connect to the server using
Windows NT logon credentials.  I changed it to that from
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credentials, hoping that may fix my problem.  My users
only connect using their Windows NT credentials.  Any
ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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