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I'm searching for some good examples where i can see a connection from VB6.0
to a sybase DB ...
If it's possible an example where i can get a good thought of how Stored
Procedures work with Sybase SQL Anywhere ?




1. VB ADO Sybase ( cursor lock issues

We are having cursor and lock problems in Sybase when we use VB / ADO to
access the server.

We see no change in locking when setting VB locking to pessimestic or

We are not able to use a recordset in VB to get or receive multiple rows
from the sybase cursor.
Here is the problem we are having in a nutshell:

When opening an ADO recordset using client side cursors (CursorLocation
= adUseClient) we can retrieve data from the database but we cannot
update or add records.
When openening an ADO recordset using server side cursors
(CursorLocation = adUseServer) we cannot retrieve data from the database
but we can add and update records.

If anyone is running VB / ADO applications to sybase please let me know
how you got it to work. We think the problem lies in ODBC settings or at
the TDS packet level.

We are running
Sybase sql server version ebf 8164.
ODBC for Win95 version 3.11.0014
Open client version 11.1.1 swr 8020
Open server version 11.1.1
Visual Basic 6.0
ADO 2.0.3002.11

Thank you for you time!

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