How to delete an image in a DBImage ?

How to delete an image in a DBImage ?

Post by Svein Olav Mytti » Tue, 29 Oct 1996 04:00:00

I would like the user to be allowed to use something like an edit | delete
menu option for TDBImage (data-aware image component). But how to erase an
Till now, I have been using DBImage.picture := nil, but I feel it is not the
right way. Any comments?


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Hi. I have this tech problem that is bothering me. I need to display
four different records from a .db which has a DBImage as a datafield
on the screen simultaneously. I use the following code to convert a
dbimage to a TImage, do a Table.Next and repeat the same, four times,
for a different TImage object each time.

     ThisImage.Picture.Bitmap := Bitmap1;
     ThisNameLabel.Caption := DBEdit1.Text;
     ThisVersionLabel.Caption := DBEdit2.Text;
     ThisSizeLabel.Caption := DBEdit3.Text;

This works, but it is excruciatingly slow!!

Someone please help me out on this one! I'm desperate.

Could you please follow up the reply via e-mail please?

Thanks in anticipation,
Sameer Madan

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