Changing indexes in tables with relations

Changing indexes in tables with relations

Post by Micha3 Piaseck » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

        I've got problem with index. When I change index in my master, or detail
table realtion flies away. Even when I set back the index with which
relation was set reference does not comes back. I usually set relations in
TTABLE component.
         Now I wonder if it's possible to change index and not to loose the

Michal Piasecki


1. Deleting Table Index Keys and Relations

Using VB6 code, I create 25 tables with index keys and
relations. I have no problem creating the tables. But
there may be times when the user will want to abort the
application. I need to be able to delete all 25 tables.
But because of the index keys and relations, VB won't let
me delete the tables. I can't find text that describes how
to use code to remove the primary keys and relations so
that I can delete the tables. Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance - Ron

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