JDBC Inserts into Access 97 Memo Field

JDBC Inserts into Access 97 Memo Field

Post by Mike Hewit » Wed, 01 Apr 1998 04:00:00

I am working on a project collecting keyword-delimited text data,
parsing it, and populating an Access database.

My problem, however, is that one of the datafields can be quite large
(5000+ characters) and my 'INSERT INTO' statement gives me a syntax
error.  I can insert all of the other non-memo fields, but when I ad the
memo field it errors out.

I guess my question is - how long can I make the insert statement? I
have already tried removing the single quote, double quote, and
parenthese characters, to see if that was the cause of the error.

Any ideas?

Thanks in Advance,
- Mike Hewitt


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I got some trouble to put value into a memo field in Access.

My first try was :

MyQuery.ParamByName ('Field').AsMemo := sValue ;

And it works fine on MS SQL Server 7.0 & 6.5
Of course on Access I got an External exception EEFACE and my program hangs.

So, like help says I've tried :

MyQuery.ParamByName ('Field').AsString := sValue ;

The field content looks like garbage ...

Any clue ?


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