data binding problem in Sub command

data binding problem in Sub command

Post by ZOU QIAN » Sun, 02 Jan 2000 04:00:00

In VB6's data environment, the recordset of subcommand is usually bind in a
grid. But I have a complicated child recordset, it needs combo or other
controls. So, I bind them in textboxes and combos. But the problem is ,
how can i move the child record in textboxes?

my code maybe like this:

dim parentrs as new adodb.recordset
dim childrs as new adodb.recordset

set parentrs = dataenvironment1.rsparentcmd
set childrs=parentrs("childcmd").underlyingvalue

'I want to move the record


'But the textboxes doesn't change when the record moving


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Newbie to data environment, I have a parameter query in data environment
that works fine, I can call it from app also without problem.

My problem is that I have a form with serveral text boxes etc bound to this
query and it doesn't show the data unless I open a recordset of the command
object and programatically fill each control - kinda defeating the object of
having bound controls and not updating data if it is changed.

I have tried removing the parameter and then opened the form and the data
has shown (for the first record) so I know the controls are all bound

Am I missing something?

Any help greatly appreciated


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