Graphic methods

Graphic methods

Post by Christian C?t » Mon, 13 Apr 1998 04:00:00

        Seriously, I'm not a moron, but I need some help. Can anyone suggest a way
or method to write code for "fill" (like in paint) or how to work with Long
type color references ? Thanks in advance



1. VFP3 - Printing Graphic Methods Question

There are several ways of looking at this:
1. The graphic methods are new object oriented extensions, while SET PRINT ON and SET DEVICE TO
PRINT are for backward compatibility with previous FP versions.
2. SET PRINT ON and SET DEVICE TO PRINT *never* (even in previous versions) echoed _everything_
on the screen to the printer anyway, so one wouldn't expect them to be fully compliant with the
new graphics methods.
3. The methods only apply to the screen and Form objects, so you wouldn't expect them to apply
to the printer object (if there was one).

My personal opinion is that the only really safe way to access the printer from inside Windows
(using FPW2.x or VFP) is to use the Report Writer.

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