Invalid Argument OpenRecordset

Invalid Argument OpenRecordset

Post by m.. » Thu, 17 Feb 2000 04:00:00

I have a weird situation,
In the next line of code i have error 3001 -
Invalid Argument
set rs=db.OpenRecordSet(sql,
dbOpenForwardOnly, ,dbReadOnly)

However if i use:
set rs=db.OpenRecordSet(sql, dbOpenForwardOnly,

or even
set rs=db.OpenRecordSet(sql, dbOpenForwardOnly,
dbReadOnly, dbReadOnly)

it works,
the weird thing is that the first one follows
documentation on DAO 3.51, that is the dbReadOnly
is used in LockEdits and not in the options
argument, further more, the help states this:
"[...]Supplying a lockedits argument when options
uses the dbReadOnly constant also causes an

So, by the book the first one should work, the
second should work thanks to backwards
compatibility and the third should produce an

Has anybody seen this behaviour,
Any fix, workaround

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