Word objects from Acces via VB6 to WORD document

Word objects from Acces via VB6 to WORD document

Post by Jens Buru » Sun, 12 Aug 2001 08:19:23

This one is a really * one (for me):

I have an Access data base, and one table containing formatted text
(OLE-objekt), who origanally was dragged from WORD into the data base.

I  VB6 project I want to insert one or more of records set into a another
WORD document in its original format, and to control the position of these
text blocks.

Using my SQL, I am getting the correct data in

I have tryed following code:

.Range.InsertDatabase , _

LinkToSource:=False, Connection:="Query XXXXX",

SQLstatement:="select WORDTEKST from Nicetext where Author=Mason", _


The problem is: The text is not formatted any longer, and I get all fields
from the record set in frames

Please are there any WORD basic who can do this better.

Kind regards

Jens Burup


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