OriginalValue vs. Value

OriginalValue vs. Value

Post by bfitzpatr.. » Tue, 13 Jul 1999 04:00:00

I am opening an ADO recordset and one of my Item's "Value"
field is coming up NULL. However, it is pulling the information
into the "OriginalValue" field. Does anyone know what is
causing this, or how to remedy the situation?


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1. Disconnected Recordset - OriginalValue

I am using disconnected recordsets to store data which is originally
populated via a stored procedure which retrieves data from a table in SQL
Server 7.

On very rare occasions I notice that not all data (sometimes entire records
and sometimes only fields) is being updated to the Server after doing a
updatebatch.  I have managed to track this problem down to the fact that
before performing an update the originalvalue, underlyingvalue and value are
all the same ?  Has anybody else come across anything like this ?

Grateful for any advice/information


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