Connecting to ODBC Sources

Connecting to ODBC Sources

Post by Bill Bertovic » Tue, 22 Jul 1997 04:00:00


Jet adds another layer which frequently affects response time, expecially
if you will be working with large recordsets or complex joins of multiple

  There are a few tricks that Jet can do for you such as the TOP qualifyier
in a SELECT stament.  But, for the most part I don't believe you gain a
whole lot.

  Also, Jet SQL varies from the ANSI standard SQL a bit.

Others may have different opinions, but I hope you can use this info.



>Looking at the various options for connecting to an Oracle database I
>can't work out which is the best way to go.  It has to be 16 bit (so no
>RDO) but is it better to connect directly to the ODBC datasource or to
>install the oracle tables as attached tables in a Jet database and
>connect to that.

>The documentation seems to suggest the latter but to my mind that
>implies to compilation - one in jet and then one in oracle which must
>add overhead compared with going directly to oracle.

>Thanks for any comments


>Chris gadsby