Smyle - a highly reliable open source database written in Java

Smyle - a highly reliable open source database written in Java

Post by Stefan Rei » Sat, 13 Apr 2002 00:24:55

If you need a storage solution for your Java application, you now have
another option beside the titans MySQL and PostgreSQL: SMYLE, the
"Storage that Makes Your Life Easier".

Smyle is a versatile, highly reliable, high performance, convenient,
cross-platform database for any kind of Java application. The latest
version, Smyle 0.8, can efficiently handle tables with more than
100,000 rows.

Smyle's feature list includes: Multidimensional indexing; instant
crash recovery thanks to journalling storage model; transactions
(commit/rollback); compact store format; nestable, structured data
types; full thread safety.

Smyle is especially worth a look if you want to distribute a database
along with your application. Smyle doesn't need to be installed
seperately; it is essentially just a Java library.

Info and download at:


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