How to do a simple master-detail relationship?

How to do a simple master-detail relationship?

Post by Jeff Bispin » Tue, 19 May 1998 04:00:00

How do I set the parameter of a pre-define, parameterized Access query
before opening the form of the query?  I am trying to do a master-detail
relationship and having problems setting up forms with the master-detail
        Are there any sample apps with a master-detail relationship?  (I just
must be looking in the wrong places)

        When replying, please remove 'remove me' first. Thanks




1. Different detail Index order within master-detail relationship

    I have 2 tables linked in a Master-Detail relationship using the
Mastersource/Masterfield properties of one of the table.  Whenever I try to
change the indexname property of the detail table to another index, all the
corresponding detail records disappeared. eg. I want the detail customer
table to show me a list of all customer ids for a corresponding master shop
table. The joined field in this case would be shop id.  In addition I want
the customer-ids of the particular shop id to be displayed based upon
customer-id order (but I can't seem to get it).

Thanks for any help rendered in advance!

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