Q: Access7.0, RDO 1.0b ->SQLSetConnectOption failed

Q: Access7.0, RDO 1.0b ->SQLSetConnectOption failed

Post by Franz Scha » Thu, 01 Aug 1996 04:00:00


My Connection Code:

Public EN As rdoEnvironment
Public CN As rdoConnection

Set EN = rdoEngine.rdoEnvironments(0)
EN.CursorDriver = rdUseOdbc
strConnect = ""
Set CN = EN.OpenConnection("", rdDriverPrompt, False, strConnect)

(Tested with all 3 kind of CursorDrivers)
The ON ERROR code is not executed, but in the rdoErrors I have 4 Errors:
2Times ->
IM006: [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Driver's SQLSetConnectOption failed
S1C00: [Microsoft][ODBC Driver pack 2.0 Driver]Treiber nicht in der Lage,
                                      diese Operation auszufuehren.
(S1C00 means something like: driver does not support that operation)

Also the Update after Edit does not work. I use SQL to edit and instead of
Does anyone know more about that?
Thanks for taking time to answer,


here. Thanks

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