free sybase jdbc driver?

free sybase jdbc driver?

Post by marti » Thu, 11 Mar 1999 04:00:00

is there a free jdbc driver (type 4) for sybase available?

(from my understanding, sybase ase is free on linux. a free jdbc driver
and i would be set for my personal research and development ...)

- martin


1. Free jdbc driver for Sybase on Solaris?

Can anyone help?  I'm wanting to do some development on Solaris that is
mostly for (my own) training purposes.  I know this might sound a little
incongruous, but does anyone know of a free jdbc driver for Sybase on
Solaris?  I'm aware of the trial version (60-days) of jConnect; I was
looking for something more like a GNU license.

Thanks in advance - Steve.

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