'Operation not applicable' error creating TDataModel? (d2)

'Operation not applicable' error creating TDataModel? (d2)

Post by Klin » Wed, 08 Jan 1997 04:00:00

I have a tdatamodel that when i call create, it gives the Operation not
applicable message. I've seen this message before when I was playing
with some calculated fields but this datamodel doesnt have any at all.
it has 15 ttables into the one db file. all linked to a tree structure
with t1 being the master.

          t2                t3
    t4          t5      t6      t7
  t8  t9      ta  tB  tC  tD  tE tF

It used to work until i started playing with calculated fields into
the db file on a completely different form which doesn't exist when
this one gets created.

Are calculated fields local to a cursor in the BDE or do they apply to the
table? And what does Operation not applicable mean anyway?


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1. 'Operation not applicable' on Table filter

Not sure that it's a bug or not.  One thing you could do, however, is to select
the data you want in a TQuery instead of using a filter and write the SQL
something like this:

Select TableName."First Name" from TableName
YourColumn = Some Value


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