DHTML binding recordset to table in VB code

DHTML binding recordset to table in VB code

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I have an html TABLE bound to a custom OLEDB DATASRC (it could just as
well be an ADO object) by an OBJECT embedded in the HTML. So it churns
out all the records based upon a single record template. Easy

I now want the TABLE to get its info from a completely new ADO
recordset but one that I have created within the DHTML vb dll (which is
driving the rest of the application). ie I have a recordset within the
dll that I want to bind to the HTML table.

How do you do this?

As I see it the datssrc property of the TABLE HAS to be #something and
the #something has to reference an imbedded object data source not an
underlying datasource within the dll.

how do i expose the ADO recordset i have in code to the HTML document?

Do I have to make the recordset an object which can be seen outside the
dll ( just like another custom DSO) and if so what clsid do I put in
the HTML page as the dll has not been compiled at that stage and
therefore the object clsid is not assigned?

Hope this makes sense.


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My Boss Don't trust me..

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