Force JET to write to disk - HOW ??

Force JET to write to disk - HOW ??

Post by Franz Dullaar » Fri, 09 Jul 1999 04:00:00


Please advise:

How do I force JET to write an update to disk?

Here's what I want:

I have a program which sends out mail for all my apps which need to
send mail. The program is invoked with a shell command when needed.
Before it is called, my apps write a record in an MS Access database
containing all the e-mail data - from, to, subject, etc. The e-mail
program is then called with the key of the e-mail record.

The problem is that, since I have moved my apps to a faster (233 MHz)
cpu, the update is not complete when the shelled program reads the

DBEngine.Idle dbRefreshCache does NOT do the trick!





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Because of an appl.  error  just after I added my input in a table and I had to
shutdown myappl. by Ctrl Alt Del  I lost all input I made on one table but the
input to the connected 2 other tables were written to disk.   (A major error)
To prevent this happening again I would like to force writing to disk when I
feel the need to, like when an error of any kind occurs.

In caClipper there was the procedure COMMIT that forced all open tables to write
to disk and I used it on any error..
However I cannot find any information in the Delphi helpfile about writing
tables to disk.
Does set to false write to disk?

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