How to Display Search Results Across Several Tables

How to Display Search Results Across Several Tables

Post by alan g wel » Fri, 09 May 1997 04:00:00

I have several tables with identical fields.  Each table will be
searched in succession for certain records and each will likely return
at leat one record.  I would like to display all the results of these
searches at the same time in a grid.  I would greatly appreciate any
suggestions as to how to best accomplish this task.

Alan G Welsh


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My question is: "can I search for a word across several files and then
display the results in another unique "display file"?

This is a database that stores different legal agreements, each of
which has a separate file i.e. patents, confidentiality agreements,
licenses etc.  In each of those there are many records relating to one
of let's say ten different drugs.  Now what I would like to do is
search all of the files for one of the drugs AND with a date range
(when they were created)  so that the result would spit out all
patents, agreements, and licenses that have the name of the drug in
them and the creation date specified.

OK so my idea so far is to have a separate script for each drug in the
parent files (find drug one, find drug two...) which is triggered by
another script from the "master search" file.  Once a script is
triggered it finds all the records in each file and then exports them
to the "master search" file (OK so actualy the "master search" file
would import the exported data but the result is mostly the same).
This would have to be done in every patent, agreement, license file
(lot's of work - would rather not do it)  THEN another script (in the
"master search" file) could be triggered to search the newly imported
records for the second criteria (date range) and after all the omitted
record were deleted I would finally have the final set of records.
Confusing, slow and involving many questionable steps (cut and paste)

I would really appreciate any help that you all can provide me with.
I have considered relating the Master search file to all the patent,
agreements ... files through an auto enter field that would contain
"A" or something like that.  This way all the records would be always
related to the master file, but I have not gone much further after

Is this long enough?
Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

PS. I have been reading people's suggestions here for a long time and
they always seem very good.

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