Newbie: CATALOG sample question (SIMPLE question)

Newbie: CATALOG sample question (SIMPLE question)

Post by Satya Deviredd » Fri, 25 Jul 1997 04:00:00

I was going through the CATALOG Sample and trying to figure it out.

I couldn't find out how and where the "Data Source Name" dialog is
being called.

can anyone help me out,



1. full text catalog question - help a newbie!

I have trouble with a table that I have added a full text catalog.

The problem is when I do a search for records containing an author's name
I need another way to use a ' (single quote) in my search

Example ( I am trying to select records that have the author O'Grady, M. E.
in one of the fields)
No syntax that I use works.
I have tried:

SELECT * FROM tblBooks WHERE CONTAINS(*,'"O''Grady, M. E."')


SELECT * FROM tblBooks WHERE CONTAINS(*,'"O'Grady, M. E."')

What is the correct escape sequence when your using conatins and double
quotes ( to make an exact phrase search )?

I can't find any documentation on this. Help!

Thanks in advance,
Kelly Greer

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