ActiveX Controls on web servers

ActiveX Controls on web servers

Post by peppe » Wed, 01 Dec 1999 04:00:00

Hi...hope someone can help

I have written an ActiveX Control to allow better access to our workplace
internal phone directory.  This is stored on an Access .mdb file and I am
using DAO code to get at it.  This control is registered with the local
machine and works fine when inserted into a web page.  When the page is put
on the intranet server it still works fine on the original machine but the
control is not visible on any other client machines.  What I am assuming is
that the control itself needs to be saved on the server and registered with
the server OS.  I cannot do this easily as our network people would rather
you shot their dog than touch their web servers.  I just need to be able to
tell them the problem and give them the choice.  I did read something in a
book about having to use (and this may be wrong) "server extensions" in
order to use ActiveX controls and that if you didn't the client would have
to download a copy of the control along with the page...and if this is true,
does the downloaded control need to be registered with the client machine?

If anyboduy has any idea what I am talking about I'd like to know myself.



1. Help: Using the datarepeater control with an ActiveX control containing an embedded datacombo control

I have what I consider to be a fairly simple business requirement.  I
want to be able to select multiple industry types for a given
organisation.  It is a typical one to many relationship.  Naturally,
at the data model level, I have the main organisation table, a join
table, and a lookup table of industry types.

The only control I have seen within Visual Basic which seems suited to
represent this one to many relationship is the datarepeater control.
I have followed the Microsoft KB article regarding this control, and
have been able to get the control to work against a simple text box.

However, I want my ActiveX control to have a datacombo control within
it.  I have written the delegation code necessary to support the 5
data related properties.  My difficulty comes in deciding how to bind
the data repeater control to the public properties of the contained
ActiveX control.  

If I simply bind industry id of the join table to the industry id
public property, then my code works, but I cannot see every industry
name appearing in every contained ActiveX control.  If I redefine the
datasource of my datarepeater control to a view of the join table
containing the appropriate industry name, and bind this to the
datarepeater control,  I can see all the values, but when I change a
value, my lookup table's data value changes also.

I havn't been able to find any additional source code on the data
repeater control apart from the single Microsoft example.  Has anyone
achieved what I am trying to?  Or am I wasting my time?

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