ASCII Export/Import VCL components

ASCII Export/Import VCL components

Post by Colin Davie » Sun, 15 Sep 1996 04:00:00

Dear all,

To be quite blunt, I am posting this to further promote a couple
of shareware Delphi v1.x ASCII Export/Import components that I
have developed which I think are pretty good value for $29.95. If
you are a regular database developer (as I am) these could save
you a *lot* of coding! A standard export or import involves
setting two properties then firing one method! Why not mail me
and  I'll send you the demo (fully functional within the Delphi
IDE) or you can download it yourself from the Compuserve DELPHI
forum, Third Party  Products section, search for 'EXIM' (you can
also register automatically via Compuserve without having to muck
about with money orders, cheques etc..)  

Colin Davies

Colin Davies