BDE Error "Bad file number"?????

BDE Error "Bad file number"?????

Post by Jonas Ahlgre » Wed, 22 May 1996 04:00:00

I have developed a client/server application who uses paradox tables and
bde as database. The application runs in a peer to peer network using
Windows95 and
Lantastic with 5-10 users.
A few times a day the bde shows the following message.
"Bad file number" (+ path to a specifik paradox table).
After this happens the app (and the computer) stops running and the user
reboot. The path in the error message does not always point to the same

This is a big problem for me so I would appriciate any tries to help me

Please mail me your suggestions!



1. BDE ERROR "Bad File number"

A While ago I developed a Multi-User Database App in Delphi using
paradox 5 tables. The BDE was set up as normal with the correct alias,
network control file access etc.

The tables were stored on a Sun Sparc 5 running Solaris 2.4.
The Network software is PC-NFS.

The Error "Bad File Number" appears when two users try to post at the
same time. This is a BDE Error, but what i need to know is why I am
getting this error, and what is a "file number".

I have contacted Borland and received no reply (email) and have posted
this group on a number of occasions.

My current suspicions lie with PC-NFS.

I would appreciate reply by email, Thanks in advance


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