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Has anyone used a product apart from Open Insight to convert Arev Data
(Either Into/Or Merge Through) VB ?

With Thanks

Jason Garland


1. ARev / MS-Windows (Open Insight) beta

I was talking on the phone with Ron Phillips last week and he mentioned that
the Open Insight Release 2.0 was nearly done with Beta testing and that they
expect to have shrink-wrap in the fairly near future (actually he was more
specific, but asked me not to be as there has been no official press release).

He indicated that OI 2.0 had all of the tools that ARev 3.1 has for DOS (at
least indirectly he did) and that unlike OI 1.0, this would be a useful
database. (1.0 was like programing raw windoze with some database capabilities
built into the programing language.)

ARev 3.1 for OS/2 is still in beta-2 and they are working primarily on
performance enhancement issues and killing the last of the bugs. I've tested
the beta-2 release and like it! the "out-of-string-space" error goes away
forever with this one as far as I can tell (about time - that error has haunted
me since Rev release G!)

ARev patch site via anonymous ftp:

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