Masked Edit Control date type problem

Masked Edit Control date type problem

Post by Robert Mull » Mon, 12 Jan 1998 04:00:00

I am in the process of converting an Access 7 database into a VB5
application. Nearly everything has been straightforward but I am
having a problem with the Microsoft Masked Edit Control and the format
that Access uses for dates. I have tried many different things but
Access seems to be able to strip away leading 0s and such and this is
playing havoc with data storage and retrieval. Has anyone run into
this type of problem before? One thing that seems to be happening is
the possibility that dates are being converted by one of the elements
into a Julian date and then that numeric value is being taken as a
literal date by the other element. I have tried many masks and tried
CDate() but the only thing that has worked so far is to change the
field data type to text and then store the prompt as well. This is a
very undesirable solution that has the side effect of not clearing the
edit control if the next value is missing. The previous value stays
put. Any suggestions? I am limited to the Professional Edition where I
am doing this so Sheridan controls are not an option. Feel free to
respond via e-mail or post. Thank you.


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To control user's input, I would like use Mask edit.
On my form I have a button, to add a new record, but when VB execute
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Somebody has an idea where i'm mistaking (i think it's possible to
add a new records with this control.

        Thank Your for your help

        Arnaud - France - Paris

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