getConnection() in Vb and Access

getConnection() in Vb and Access

Post by Nagi Peter » Tue, 26 Nov 2002 20:40:39


I want to share some function in bas file with a project in vb and access.
BackendDb is a MySql Database.

In Access a opened a connection like this: sql, CurrentProject.Connection, ...
In VB:
set Conn = new ADODB.Connection connStr, usr, pwd sql, conn, ...

Now a want to share this code a wrote a function:
Function getConnection() as ADODB.Connection
        On Error Resume Next
        getConnection = CurrentProject.Connection
        if err > 0 the
                set getConnection = new ADODB.Connection
       connStr, usr, pwd
        end if
end function

In VB: sql, getConnection(), ...
works fine.
But in Access i think getConnection() is NULL
and I got an Error:
3709: Connetion can't be used, it's closed or unuseable in here.

Who is it possible to write a Function that returns the correct connection
in both projects?

Thanks for help



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