Help !!! Table.Append =>Record/Key deleted

Help !!! Table.Append =>Record/Key deleted

Post by Jayson Cavendis » Sat, 22 Feb 1997 04:00:00

If you select an auto generated Id field with your table this will occur
due to the fact that  the BDE tries to pass the ID field a value. Simply
remove it from your field list in the fields editor and the problem should
go away. However that does preclude you from displaying the ID value. a fix
may be to use one table to display all the fields to the user and then a
similar table to do any Inserts,Updates or deletes with a refresh on the
View table afterwards which would allow the user to see the actual data but
also allow you to perform inserts without the Record/Key deleted message
occuring. I hope this is what you are asking and be aware that this implies
that the ID field is an autoincrement field.

Hope this helps


Quote:> I'm use Delphi 2.0 and Database from Access 7.0. When I try append
> records to the     table and do i get the error: "Record/Key
> deleted", but after restarting my programm i see that records was added
> to the table. My Table     contain next fields:

> ID: AutoNumber


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dear all,

I am writing an application using Delphi
with database being ms access 97

for SOME records, when i want to update it, an message box appear saying that
    record key deleted.

Only some records have this problem,
other 90% of records can be allowed to update and cn be update successfully.

any hints on this problem ?

Alvin SIU

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