finding table names with ADO

finding table names with ADO

Post by Joe » Mon, 09 Nov 1998 04:00:00

I need to return all the tables in an access database using ADO
this seems as though it should be a simple procedure.

Thanks in advance


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I know I may not be the brightest geek on the planet and this
might be a fairly kludgy way to get this to happen, yet
this certainly seems like it should work.

Anybody have any ideas why I get 2706 errors instead
of updated statistics?

John Bell

CREATE PROCEDURE jfb_updt_stat_all

 FROM sysobjects T ,sysusers U
 WHERE T.type = 'u'
 AND U.uid = T.uid
 and like 'r%'

OPEN c_tables




CLOSE c_tables

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