?Source files out of sync -- can't be used for debugging

?Source files out of sync -- can't be used for debugging

Post by Alan Mac » Thu, 27 Jan 2000 04:00:00

When I debug into the DAO source files that came with VC++, the lines
where the cursor stops don't match the source lines.  I assume this is
because some update I installed updated the DAO routines without
updating the source.  How can I fix this?



- Al Macy
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I'm currently replication a 200.000+ row table through a slow wan
connection and would like to use the xxx.tmp file created in the repldata
directory to manual sync the subscriber with.

But when issuing the "bcp dbname..table in xxx.tmp -n U name -P password -S
server" I get "DB-LIBRARY error:        Attempt to bulk-copy an oversized
row to the SQL Server."

While examining the xxx.tmp file using notepad I see that row and field
separators are mysterious, and by the way I use the native format in the
replication sync options.

Does anyone got an idea how to use the xxx.tmp file and get some results.


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