Connecting to Access 97 Database using ADO with OLE DB Driver

Connecting to Access 97 Database using ADO with OLE DB Driver

Post by Shelly Rosenfel » Fri, 08 Oct 1999 04:00:00

Quote:> Here is the code that I used to connect to ACCESS97 via ADO and all works
> fine.

> I have this code in a class named CLOGIN

> Public Function ConnectRemote(Optional dbTYPE As DATABASE_TYPES = 0) As
> Boolean
>     If cn.State = adStateOpen Then
>         ConnectRemote = True
>     Else
>         ConnectRemote = False
>     End If
>     Call SaveSetting(App.Title, "Startup", "ConnectionVersion",
>     Call SaveSetting(App.Title, "Startup", "LastConnected", Now)
>     ConnectRemote = True
> ConnectRemote_Exit:
>     Exit Function

Hey dude, I'm just an old fashioned guy with old programming methods.
Can you elaborate on the If/Else setting of ConnectRemote (personally I
find code easier to use with 1 line, i.e.  ConnectRemote = (cn.State =
adStateOpen) )
when you just end the function by assigning True anyway?

Thanx, Sheldon


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