16-bit Application and 32-bit ODBC

16-bit Application and 32-bit ODBC

Post by Oliver Townshen » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

No you must have a 16 bit odbc driver.  Tell me, what database are you
interfacing to?


> I must acces from my 16-bit application (Delphi 1.0) to a 32-bit ODBC-driver
> und Windows95 or WinNT !!

> I don't have the app in 32-bit and I don't have the ODBC-driver in 16-bit.


1. Migrating 16-bit ODBC DLL (SQLServer) to 32-bit ODBC DLL (MS Access)

Hello everyone.

I have a C project that links into a 16-bit DLL. This DLL connects to a SQL
Server using ODBC (I have included in the project ODBC.LIB, SQL.H,
SQLEXT.H), perform certain data  retreival and storage. This DLL is called
from an EXE file compiled in VB3.

I need to migrate this DLL (the C code) to 32-bit for a VB5 project. The
data isnt in SQL Server anymore, it resides in a MS Access database.

I have the following questions:

1) Do the same (I mean the corresponding 32-bit version)
ODBC.LIB/SQL.H/SQLEXT.H files work for Access?. The SQL.H file reads "ODBC
Core Functions, so I might think these files remain the same for Access (By
theory, ODBC doesnt care the data source, right?). Contrary, There exist
ODBC.LIB/ACCESS.H (to say something) with "ODBC Core Functions" for Access?
Where can I find them and examples of usage.

2) Which are the issues to be aware of migrating the C code for a 32-bit
compiler? Any document on-line about it? How difficult is it? The old code
is written for Borland C (oopps!). Do I stick to Borland or leave for Visual
C++? Or its the same effort migrating the code for both compilers.

Id appreciate any kind of help.


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