Changing password in Oracle using PASSWORD command via VB app

Changing password in Oracle using PASSWORD command via VB app

Post by Pete » Sat, 13 Apr 2002 05:37:50

I have a client who is running Oracle 8.1.7 and they want us through our
application to change the password of the user.

The ALTER command does not work b/c in there setup of Oracle it's not
allowed and we have to use the PASSWORD command.

In the books the PASSWORD command is used in SQL*PLUS.

The client tells me there are some DLLs or OCXs that can interface into
Oracle and allow me to use the PASSWORD command and change the password.

Any and all comments, suggestions are welcome.

Thanks in advance for reading my question.

If this helps any...
It's a Visual Basic 6.0 application using RDO connecting via Microsoft ODBC
Oracle driver.

** Sorry for the cross posts, not sure which is the best place to post this



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Has anyone used a Visual Basic front-end application with ODBC and gone
against an Oracle8 database where password aging and expiration is being
used?  I am the DBA, (not the VB person), and am trying to find the
right combination of items that would make the "ORA-28002 - Your
password will expire in 'n' days" message come through to the VB
application.  The VB application could then allow the user to change
their password.
Oracle ODBC support has mentioned checking the SQL_SUCCESS_WITH_INFO
condition, instead of only referencing SQL_SUCCESS, but it's somewhat
unknown if these conditions are appropriate in a VB environment.

If you have been successful doing this, I would sure like to hear from

My environment is:
    Oracle 8.0.5 on Digital UNIX
    Net8 on the server
    Windows NT 4.0 Client
    Oracle ODBC
    SQL*Net 2.3.4 on the Client
    Visual Basic5?  (I think)

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