Idapi configuration.

Idapi configuration.

Post by Jose R. Nebr » Wed, 01 Jan 1997 04:00:00

Ok I know how to add an alias with code but I  need to set the following
the NET DIR,  

how do you override these on the code?

I need to do this so that my installation program will set it up without
requiring me getting in the phone with the user and spending literally
about 15 to 20 minutes per workstation.

Thanks in advance.

If it is not too much to ask please e-mail as well as post.  I don't want
to loose any threads.  Tnaks again.

           | ~   ~ |

Jose R. Nebro



1. IDAPI Configuration Reference

Can anyone offer suggestions on the following:

The installation of Delphi, and corresponding BDE creates an entry in
the WIN.INI similar to the following:


... which of course is the location of the idapi.cfg file containing
database alias information etc.  

The problem I am having is that I have two distinct idapi
configurations, and I want to point to one or the other at run time.
Does anyone know how, or if it is possible, to code an application to
directly reference an alternate idapi.cfg ie:

... I would like to have something like the following in my WIN.INI:


and be able to tell my application at run time which idapi config file
to look at.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Timothy Dahm.

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